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Marko Živković

Lives and works in a digital environment but likes to craft things the analog way.

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friendly kite

I was busy getting to the lab to grab stuff and do things. on the way out I caught a glimpse of the kite in the niche and it made me smile instantly.

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Fuji Grain

Last year, in late august or early september, i set out for my daily walk. That day, I discovered a few rolls of Fuji Acros film in the depths of the fridge.

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Plum Bloom

I got myself a new computer and a new backup solution so I went through my digital catalogue to do some cleanup (or at least I gave it a try).

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Chillin' on Mars

Some really nice persons sent me a bunch of expired films. I tried a roll of a CN41 ISO400 film, moved around the house in my neighborhood and took some pictures.

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High-speed-paper lith

An experimental evening at the lab One day a friend brought some very interesting black & white, super fast (ISO 160), paper to our lab.

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