Home revisited

  • Marko
  • Wednesday, Dec 2, 2020

…through the eyes of a visitor

...through the eyes of a visitor

I found it hard during the covid19 pandemy to free my mind and take some pictures. It is even harder if you are limited to move within your familiar environment in your neighborhood. You already know all your spots, have been everywhere, it’s your home. It is the worst situation ever, right?

Well, actually it is a huge advantage. You can look and get around every day right in front of your door, sometimes you do not even have to get out. You can observe how the sceneries change as the sun moves. Just because everything is familiar to you doesn’t mean its boring. Walk around your place or neighborhood pretending you are visiting for the first time. If you find yourself in daily routine take a break, turn around and watch the scene aware of the moment.

The picture above shows what I see when I take out the garbage and go back into the house, a scene which is no big deal to me. But it changes if you see it through the eyes of someone who is exploring the place. Suddenly you feel the urge to bring out the camera to capture that image.