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Photography buff since the first day I entered a photography darkroom. I like to feel a picture, to listen to its visual tune. I like to feel the light when I’m looking at a picture.

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The Lure of Lith Printing

I discovered about lith printing with the fascinating portraits done by Anton Corbijn. His book “Star Trak” struck me by the look of the pictures.

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I printed this a week ago. I wanted to see some spring light. With autumn around the corner, my kind of light will get scarcer and scarcer in the next couple of months.

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Strong light on an agave - I have to respond to it. It’s one of my favorite objects to photograph, on a par with structures of sand and with palm trees.

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Sometimes I like to play with color. Last year in Austin, Texas, the colors were so bright and stimulating that I loaded some Fuji Provia 100F and tried to get some shots.

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Buena Vista

Buena Vista You know this view from Christian’s earlier pinhole post. It’s the view from one of the windows of the photo lab - taken 2018, when we still resided in the large rooms which currently get renovated.

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Travel with Concept

When I travel - Do the Pictures Qualify as my real Photography? In times of the Corona virus and traveling bans, this may be an odd theme.

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Silence in Pictures

What I really like is when a picture makes you freeze and feel the silence. When I’m looking at such a picture I tend to freeze myself, silently gazing at the picture, being sucked in by its atmosphere.

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Surface and Light

What Makes a Picture? This recent print tells a lot about what drives my photography. More than anything else, I strive to transform my feelings into a picture.

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