No Fear to Fail!

  • Oliver
  • Thursday, Dec 17, 2020

Failure is Part of your Growth

Failure is Part of your Growth

That neg has been staying in my head for more than three years. Didn‘t dare to print it. Remembered the moment, the feeling, the scene when I took it. Last neg on the film. Frame no. 36. Me in a good mood, thrilled by Paris. The car in that light looked so good. Felt right.

Printing it? Jeez, I kinda was afraid to be let down, to not hit the mark, to get a print that wouldn‘t fit, wouldn’t resemble what I imagined it to be. Sounds familiar?

Glad I finally felt ready to get it going. I started being a bit nervous and well prepared to stay away from it immediately if it would appear in the tray being totally off, but also well prepared to work hard on it if there were a chance to move it into the right direction. And hell yes, it was the second option. And hell yes, I‘m glad I did it and moved forward. I needed to be in the right mood and of course did a good amount of printing beforehand to get warm and sharp. The result blew me away when I pulled it from the fix.

No need to rush things, but next time I‘ll try to take the challenge instead of waiting 3+ years. Go for it. Failure is part of your growth. Face it and deal with it. I‘ll do, at least I‘ll try to.