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Practicing photography with the minimalist approach, a box with a hole is all that it needs to create a picture. (Photo by Oliver Pera)

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Transfer zwischen Parallelen

Wenn Malerei Bilder erschafft, die den Atem raubend realistisch wirken, daß man sie für Fotografien hält, spricht man von der Kunst des Fotorealismus.

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All in One

Bride and groom asked me, proud “co-witness” to their marriage, for an image of the ceremony.

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Sirens of Truth

This image was created on Friday 01/24. The very first New Moon of the year 2020, that night was crisp.

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Pinhole - just blurry pictures

Most of us know and some even love pinhole photography. The pictures created using a very tiny hole in a dark box, the long exposure times more in the minutes, even hours, than seconds: The process of pinholing is as magical as fascinating to some and as boring as inconvenient to others.

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Low tech - high emotion

An utmost simple DIY camera for less than $ 20 did the job. Equipped with a “just good enough for primitive art” plastic lens (1 lens in 1 group…) and modified by Gaffa for 24 x 24 mm to get in touch with the magic adolescent square format off we went on a bright, cold and partly sunny day last January.

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