Transfer - welcome or not

Doris Kugler, Oil pastels and Indian ink on ‘The Cup’ by Christian Weigang

Doris Kugler, Oil pastels and Indian ink on 'The Cup' by Christian Weigang

On Feb 3, 2020 “The Cup” was posted here. Two months later a variation of the image appeared. The artist did “The Cup” her way, using Oil pastels and Indian ink. Polite she asked for kind permission. How to react? What do we see? A simple copy? Not welcome. A valuable transfer? Very welcome. Phrases like “Only top notch work of art gets copied” and “Don’t even think about touching my work” and others enter one’s stage of pride and defense. Tricky dangs anyways.

Albert Einstein found “Progress needs interchange”. So, no matter how bright your artistry might shine, share your glow. Begin with an interchange of ideas and opinions. Then transfer your knowledge and skills. Think, communicate seriously and act together with fellows. That’s gonna make you and the universe of imagery shine brighter.

Albert’s point within that interpretation for some seems to just illustrate a given, lawlike direction: The creator of an idea decides with whom and how to expand the idea. Not vice versa. Period.

But that would be misleading. It never was true for Albert nor should it be for us. Einstein was and todays Alberts of the math-physics-science crowd they are used to share knowledge, assist each other, discuss contributing ideas, spit and swallow criticism. An atmosphere of constant give and take, of such fatal importance for progress in science no member of the flock of excellences would refuse but admire those ritualized habits.

Now back to “The Cup”. Yes, transfer is welcome. Isn’t it titanic to see an idea having potential as to spread?

At its best, the creator of the idea’s first beacon is going to even benefit from transformations to come. The more options to choose from, the better. If all those interested in an idea shared their expertise and personality, the much too often “hidden add-on” might show off. Lethargy leads us to average. Avoid average.

Ok, Oil pastels and Indian ink are not my cup of tea. But expired Polaroids in a Camera obscura to create paint-likes, wow, what a thrilling and rewarding project that might be.

Thanxalot for transfer. Both, transformers and their artistry are more than welcome.

“Nova pro novo.” The Romans knew better. And we should remember and share our glow. It gonna pay off.