Low tech - high emotion

great results on low budget

great results on low budget

An utmost simple DIY camera for less than $ 20 did the job. Equipped with a “just good enough for primitive art” plastic lens (1 lens in 1 group…) and modified by Gaffa for 24 x 24 mm to get in touch with the magic adolescent square format off we went on a bright, cold and partly sunny day last January.

Aperture is a fixed f-stop 5.6 and exposure time is a 1/125, fixed as well. So, not many choices. A pretty plain vanilla bw-film, ISO 100, from the groceries around the corner was loaded into the nice little rig to free the photographic mind even further.

At the end of the day: 54 exposures on the one roll of film to choose from. A new experience. “The cup” made it. Lith-printing matched best with the atmosphere created on the negative. The cup itself was as impure as the image may seem, judged by traditional terms. But having coffee outside in the warming winter sun was gorgeous. Relaxed playing around with kind a low tech led to high emotion, printed.

Numerous different approaches in photography. Great to have ‘em all.